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I'm Conan and I do more than just edit your videos. I help video makers tell engaging stories very quickly by editing with efficiency and EMPATHY.  

Production can take ages so being able to edit efficiently whilst still telling a great story is vital. This is where I come in. I have worked in the fast paced environments of Reality TV (Survivor, The Bachelor, The Block NZ)  and social media  (Trade Me, Sport New Zealand and Fly Buys) so I have learned how to be quick.

I have also told beautiful and heartfelt stories like NZFF Finalist - "Daniel" and "Ghost Nets of Venus" so being quick is just half of it.

For short content (promo, social media, weddings) you get

  • Full sound design with music and sound effects provided

  • Graphics, titles, nametags and subtitles all done

  • Full colour grade

  • A beautifully edited piece with 3 rounds of changes if you need them

  • A quick delivery of your finished video


For longer content like doco, TV and film, I take pride in understanding the art and vision of all crew members and and ultimately exceeding that in the telling of their story. In fact, I tend to get to know and become good friends with the directors I work with. There is no better feeling than the joy of a premier, when I get to see the vision of the director realized in front of an audience and share that experience with all of the crew. 

Latest News: Updated 22-06-2022


I have had some great projects to get my teeth into recently. The amazing crew at Wrestler snapped me up again for some mini docos and a major brand campaign. Making this my 11th gig with them. 

I also released some new work for Nuku Ora and Shot+Edited a new cinematic wedding video. To be uploaded soon.

Empathy is an editors weapon!

Empathy is not just an innate sense, it is a tool that can be refined and used for a purpose. It allows me to gauge the audience reaction to a story or even just a moment within and this applies to all media. From a feature film to a wedding video or a 15 second sales pitch, empathy is my weapon.


 It also makes me a great crew member as I apply apply an empathetic approach to my personal and professional relationships. I give huge respect to the work of the DOP or director, I see the story they are telling through their medium and use my experience and understanding to make their work shine as bright as it can.  Seeing the point of view of others and making the effort to understand it is the best advice I can give a storyteller and is pretty good advice for life itself I reckon. 



I have hired Conan on a number of occasions and with every job he has been fantastic. He has a natural knack for telling stories in an engaging way, and each video project he's delivered has translated to commercial success in my business. I recommend him to anyone who is considering using video as a part of their marketing strategy.

Matt Earle, Jumbo Media

Testimonial: Claire Van beek. Director of "Daniel".

It was a pleasure to work with Conan on a pitch video project. Conan managed and supplied all the equipment needed to shoot our clip along with editing and production. Conan worked closely with us to script the right story as he has experience in this area in delivering the right message in such a short time. The video has been used to gain confidence from our investors and potential customers. His work is of extremely high quality and we were very satisfied with the results. I highly recommend his work and look forward to collaborating again in the future.


André Heller, Flexi House.


We’ve had the pleasure of working with Conan over a variety of campaigns over the last four months. He approached each piece of work, no matter how big or small, with care, attention to detail, enthusiasm, creativity and flexibility. The video and footage he has produced for us has been to the highest quality and we have seen the positive pay off of this with the results and success of the campaigns he has supported. Conan is a delight to work with and we’re looking forward very much to continuing our partnership in the new year.


Meaghan Wilby, Communication and Marketing Lead, Nuku Ora (formerly Sport Wellington).

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